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"What to Bring to A Grief Meal" in Geez magazine issue 68


"12 Pieces of Snow" in Sable Book's anthology The Ending Hasn't Happened Yet


"I Tell You I Grew from Dawn" in Perhappened Magazine

"Grounding Lavender" in Sledgehammer Literary Journal

"Post-Industrial Road trip" in One Magazine

"Ode to a Succulent" in Curator Magazine 

"My Eating Disorder Saves Me in the Apocalypse" in Sledgehammer Literary Journal

"Faith Tides" in Sojourners Magazine

"Do Bunny Rabbits Have a Place in the Heaven of Your God?" in SAND Journal Berlin issue #22

"Community" and "To Our Readers" in the International Women's Writing Guild anthology Heels into the Soil: Stories and Poems Resisting the Silence

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